1) For products’ price payment and their related shipping and delivery costs you should follow one of the procedures specified on the order form.  Under no circumstances it will debit to you higher costs than those supported by the vendor, in relation to the payment method chosen by the client.

2) In case of credit card payment, financial informations ( for example creditdebit card id number or its deadline) will be submitted through cryptographic protocol to Deutsche Bank or other banks. These banks will supply you their remotely electronic payment methods, without any third party could in no way have access to. Furthermore these informations will never be used to the vendor, except to complete purchasing processes and to issue related refunds, in case of potential returned goods, following your right of withdrawal practice; in other words if police force have to be called in case of fraud in bennys.it web site.  As indicated on the order form, products buying price and shipping and delivery costs will be charged on your current account at the time of purchasing products shipping.