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Ralph Lauren

The history of the brand began 40 years ago with a collection of ties; Ralph Lauren today embraces the whole world , is the mouthpiece of American style . The world of Ralph Lauren brand involves not only clothing but also accomplishments for home , accessories and fragrances ; Quality and innovation are the distinctive brand image and it is this that has made him famous around the world. unique style , original , elegant and trendy , a few words to describe a must fashion always looking for innovations and impeccable design.

The boutique Benny's has a large selection of clothing brand Ralph Lauren , both for man and for woman . In 2013 the Garibaldi Street boutique is further enriched by giving space to the Corner of Polo Ralph Lauren woman , offering its customers an even wider choice of products of this brand . The boutique also offers a selection of women's clothing , belonging to the first line of the brand " Ralph Lauren Collection " .


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